Running an advertising agency naturally brings with it the need to maintain a wide range of moving parts. By getting the help of experienced accountants for advertising agencies, you are not only taking financial stresses off your mind but gaining a helping hand from someone who is very much in the know. A win-win scenario if you ask us!

Our experience working as accountants for creative agencies – plus the fact that we are an agency ourselves – has given us an appreciation of sorts for not only what advertising agencies need, but also what you want.

The fact that most agencies run on a project-driven approach can mean frequent changes in approach to work and the need to be fluid. This doesn’t always make for an easily handled financial situation. This is where we come into our element.

Let Us Know What You Need Help With

Budding startup or established enterprise? Regardless of the stage your business is at, our team of advertising agency accountants can help you out. Find out how by getting in touch.

​Experienced Accountants for Advertising Agencies

Our experience as ad agency accountants goes beyond helping you keep on top of your finances. Using our nous for all things business finance, we pride ourselves on our ability to use your company’s monetary situation as a business guide.

Outlining potential forward steps, we help you visualise your agency’s future and the means of getting there. No, we don’t have a secret crystal ball in our office. We simply draw on our experience working with other creatives and use it as a roadmap for your business journey. 

By helping you manage the likes of invoicing, wages, expenses and guiding your business’ evolution, we help take some of the stress off your mind and let you focus on doing what you enjoy most.

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Quickfire Accounting Tips For Ad Agencies

Always Bear ROI In Mind

Proving your worth without the numbers to back it up can be tricky. That’s why it is always important to ensure that you track success effectively, proving your client’s ROI where you can.

As much as a beautiful piece of advertising may be the best means of showing off your creative pazzazz, it’s the positive facts and figures that will convince your clients to keep coming back for more.

Price Your Services Correctly

Making a good profit whilst refraining from overcharging. It’s a difficult balance to strike. On the one hand, you don’t want to be selling yourself short as an advertising agency. On the other, you don’t want any prospective clients scoffing at your price tag.

Although not a simple matter, it essentially boils down to looking at the matter from a value-based selling angle and getting your margins spot on. Check out our service pricing guide for more in-depth info.

Track Your Expenses

In our experience accounting for ad agencies, we’ve seen a real variety of things come through on company cards… While expensing everything isn’t great practice, keeping on top of what you are expensing definitely is.

As an ad agency, it is vital that you can tie specific expenses to specific projects, so as to prevent the company credit card expenditure from spiralling out of control.

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