There is rarely a quiet moment in the manic world of public relations. Juggling the likes of drafting press releases, managing media outreach and keeping up client relations on a daily basis doesn’t leave much time for all the other stuff that your agency needs.

As experienced accountants for PR agencies, here at Raedan we can help take care of the financial side to your business. Our speciality lies in managing finances, forging strong relationships and providing sound advice to help creative businesses reach their full potential.

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Looking for someone to help you handle your company’s finances? Why not throw some business growth advice in there as well? Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you.

How Our Experience as Accountants for PR Agencies Can Help

We know what you are thinking: “Right, here comes the sales pitch…” But hear us out.

Working with creatives is what we do. Providing sound professional advice regarding your finances and business development allows you to do what you do best, at your very best.

With vast experience as accountants for PR agencies, we know what is most likely causing you bother, what is holding you back and, most importantly, what remedies you require.

Accountants for PR Agencies
PR team discussing business

By setting you up on the right platforms and offering detailed insight into the monetary state of your business, we make accounting for PR agencies not only easier, but enjoyable (seems unfeasible, we know).

Most importantly, by working with us, you aren’t passing us the wheel. We see ourselves as more of a co-pilot to your business. A Goose to your Maverick. We know that your PR agency is your pride and joy, and we wouldn’t dream of taking that away from you.

We are here to offer guidance that we know not only works, but will be shaped in a way that is meaningful to you. How do we know that? We are an agency ourselves

Simple PR Agency Accounting Tips

Make time for maintaining your books

We realise that it really isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but bookkeeping is an essential element of keeping your finances on track.

Set aside time each month to send invoices out to your clients, pay your bills on time and reconcile your accounts. Getting a handle on your cash flow is key to running your PR agency’s finances properly.

Keep personal and business expenses separate.

The old adage about work and pleasure holds true here. Muddling the two can result in more complicated bookkeeping and give off a resounding impression of unprofessionalism.

Not great for when potential investors have a gander at your past financial activity…

Use the right accounting tools.

We’ve all got to concede that we live in a digital age. In the case of the business world, it tends to be a case of adapt or perish. But before the machines truly take over, it’s a good idea to use their help wherever possible.

Here at Raedan we are massive advocates of Xero. The platform makes everything about managing your PR business’ finances easier and presents the info in a visually appealing manner. If you ask us, other platforms simply don’t come close to emulating it.

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