Whether you are a budding start-up, established SME or an industry juggernaut, handling marketing agency’s finances can prove a bit of a nightmare. Clients signing, clients leaving, invoicing, expenses, wages. It all builds up.

By soliciting the help of professionals with experience as accountants for marketing agencies, you are giving your finances the greatest chance to prosper.

So why Raedan? Working as an extension of your business, our team draws upon its wealth of experience working with creative businesses to help your agency grow. Drawing on your business history and present financial status, we help point your business in the direction of a brighter future.

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Looking to bring in an accountant to boost your startup? Or perhaps looking to refresh your accounting approach with a new agency? Get in touch with our experts and discover how we can help you.

Our Experience As Accountants For Marketing Agencies

Here at Raedan we have extensive experience in accounting for marketing agencies. With the ultimate goal of helping an agency take the next big step in its journey, we help use your financial situation as a compass for pointing you in the right direction. 

Taxes. VAT. Invoicing. We appreciate that this stuff doesn’t necessarily blow your socks off. Luckily, it’s exactly the kind of jargon that gets our motors running. We look after the money side of things while you get to focus on what you do best (marketing hopefully).

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When it comes to marketing, no two agencies are totally alike. Whether your focus is on paid advertising channels, creating killer content or mastering the art of social media management, we can help use your finances as a tool to give your business that extra turbo charge towards further development.

When working with marketing agencies, we offer more than just a means of ensuring that your dosh is in the right place. Using your current financial situation paired with carefully considered projections, we can provide sound business advice and ensure that your business planning remains as smooth as a cruise through the Caribbean. Plus, as an agency ourselves, we know exactly what it is that makes you tick.

“As a growing marketing agency we have found working with Raedan incredibly helpful in terms of managing and navigating our business finances. The team offers a range of solutions over and above accounting which mean that we see them as a partner in supporting our business growth. We often run business decisions by the team and use them as a trusted advisor. They’re also just really nice people, which goes a long way” 

Beth Sherman, Signify Digital

Simple Marketing Agency Accounting Tips

Stay on Top of Your Bookkeeping

This is one of those straight forward, Ronseal moments (great bit of marketing, by the way). However, you’d be amazed how many agencies let this simple habit slip, and ultimately pay the consequences.

Essentially, this constitutes logging every business transaction – ideally on a platform like Xero – to ensure that it doesn’t come back to bite your keister later in the financial year.

Set Up Goal-Focused Forecasts

Predicting what’s going to happen using the information that you have at hand. Not quite the same as clairvoyance, accurate forecasting draws on historic data and sensible presumptions about what lies ahead.

Making sure these forecasts are goal-oriented helps you more accurately depict what the future holds for your marketing agency. Using the likes of Fluidly helps keep your forecasting affairs in order and allows you to plan for the future.

Get Support

It sounds obvious – and no doubt a little salesy – but seeking help from a professional accountant is the most surefire means of getting the most from your money. And, more importantly, making sure that you don’t miss anything that you can’t afford to…

Contacting an accounting agency removes the stress of having to juggle a load of numbers, formulas and terminology that seem like pure gibberish. No fuss, no muss.

Want to learn more about how our expertise as accountants for marketing agencies can help you flourish? Follow the button below. We would love to hear from you.