Running your own marketing agency is no mean feat. Juggling the constant stream of responsibilities that are fired your way all while delivering quality work and keeping the clients happy can be a full on experience at the best of times. Here we run down just some of the advantages that soliciting the services of professionals with experience in accounting for marketing agencies can have for your business.

No More Tax Season Stress


Taxes. Horrible stuff, right? Well, as much as we may all despise them, they are pretty crucial to the inner workings of modern society. So as much as they may try to thwart all of our most glamorous life plans, they are very much here to stay.

When running your own marketing agency, tax season is undoubtedly the most dreaded of all conceivable seasons. That’s right, even more so than drizzly, slodgy, grey-skied Autumn. It can seem stressful, confusing and often rife with terminology so baffling that it may as well be written in a dead tongue.

This is where hiring experienced accountants for marketing agencies is a real godsend (if we may say so ourselves).

By taking the financial stress of your business off your hands, we essentially surgically remove the stress of tax season. Ensuring that all is in order, your accountants can arrange your data in an orderly fashion, give meaning to tax codes, show you how to calculate business rates and help your business take the next step in its financial journey.

Young marketer on laptop enjoying the benefits of contacting specialist accounting for marketers

You Can Focus On The Creative Stuff


We know that as a marketing agency, creativity is at your core. Sure, you may often be driven by stats, but the thing that really got you to the stage that you are at is the creative spark that got you into this industry.

So, when your marketing endeavour cranks up a notch and you are greeted with a flurry of financial mumbo jumbo, it can be distracting. And by taking one eye off the goal that led you here in the first place, it is easy to fall out of love with your passion. And with digital marketing spend rising in the last few years, this is a time to be riding the wave, not sinking beneath it.

Getting a helping hand from specialists in accounting for marketing agencies helps you re-focus on the heart of your business. Accountants look after the finances. You look after your clients and the real character of the brand. In turn, your business will start heading in the right direction. It’s one of the reasons that we love working with creatives here at Raedan.


“We came to Raedan during covid via a recommendation that they were experts at working with marketing agencies. We needed an accountant that understood our sector and not only could do the work, but could take an interest in our business and work with us and advise on tax planning and holistic business decisions when needed. Crucial as well, they are all lovely people and a pleasure to deal with.”

Nathan, Signify Digital


Accurate & Up To Date Accounting Numbers


It goes without saying, but hiring an experienced professional to do a job will result in a job well done. We bet you would like to think that you know your way around a Google Ads campaign or killer content series. Well, funnily enough accountants for marketing agencies know what they are doing when it comes to handling business finances.

Tie in the fact that they have experience accounting to marketing agencies specifically, and you have yourself a no-brainer. By getting help from an accounting agency, your business’ bookkeeping will be tidier and current. This not only allows you to relax knowing that your finances are in capable hands, it also gives you a more accurate depiction of the state of your business.

Picture it like model building instructions written in a foreign language. Sure, you speak a little of the language, so have a decent gist of what’s going on. But what happens if you miss a key nugget of information? Your train/skyscraper/spaceship may end up the wrong shape, a bizarre colour or have critical structural issues. In this (admittedly rogue) metaphor, your accountant is the translator. They help you decipher precisely what’s going on at each step, so that your agency ends up looking how you’d like it to be further down the line.

More Than Just Financial Experts

Accountants just handle the money, right? Wrong! Whether you are looking for an accountant for your start up business or an established enterprise, we work as more than just bean counters.

With your financial status as our trusty guide, accountants can help point your marketing agency in the right direction. Drawing on past experience and using your agency’s unique character as a barometer, we can offer a plethora of business tips (well over two blog’s worth, in fact) that align with your growth pattern.

Here at Raedan we like to see ourselves as your right hand man. An extension of your team. Happy to play second fiddle to the protagonist (your agency) as we play a subtle part in seeing them grow and develop into the hero at the end of the story.

If you are looking for a sidekick accounting team to help boost your marketing agency’s financial standing, get in touch with our team here. There is nothing we love more than helping creative professionals succeed at turning their dream into a reality.