As creative industry accountants, we often get asked why it is that we focus our services towards creatives. Surely that narrows your potential work opportunities? Aren’t creative industries some of the trickiest to manage financially? We appreciate that it may narrow our scope of opportunity somewhat, but we like to think that that in fact mirrors the thought process of our clientele. Focus is on quality, not quantity.

Just as creatives strive to create the very best work within their field, we too strive to create the very best work for them. It keeps us on our toes. Pushes us to create some of our best work so that our clients can in turn create some of their best work. And who doesn’t want to experience creative works of a greater magnitude?

But anyway, let’s cut to the core of the blog. What are the main reasons behind our choice to be creative industry accountants?

Creativity Provokes Passion


My work is my passion. A phrase that many envy and so few manage to achieve in life.

So often people who seek to use their passion as a means of income fall short of the mark. More often than not this is because they haven’t been pointed in the right direction towards success. We pride ourselves on preventing this from happening. 

Now, we aren’t going to claim that we are undeniable success merchants, dishing out invaluable tips like they’re going out of fashion. However, what we can do is provide real-world advice on how a creative business can make the most out of their finances, be it setting the business up at square one or slapping the right price tag on what it is that you offer.

The reward? Helping people follow their life’s passion and see it diffuse into others around them – customers, stakeholders, loved ones. It can inspire genuine happiness. And as we all know, that stuff is seriously infectious. So when we help people turn their passion into a full time gig, it brings us an entwined sense of joy and achievement.

Passionate saxophonist

Helping Take Your Business To The Next Step


This one flows on nicely from the last. As mentioned, so many that try to keep that endearing creative spark alive by turning it into a living face nothing but rejection. We like providing a platform on which to help businesses take that next step.

It is what one of our clients whimsically referred to as the “shit got real” moment for a creative individual.

An accountant? For my tiny business? Surely not…

Taking that initial basis of a business and providing it with sound financial advice, we can help creative companies take that step from ambitious startup to genuine, fully-fledged business. Feeling like a part of that experience is awesome. As you grow, so do we. It’s all part of us working as an extra branch within your current business.

We Love Numbers And Appreciate That You May Not


We appreciate that for some, numbers bring on feelings of panic, boredom or straight up nausea. While this isn’t true of all creatives by any means, our experience as creative industry accountants has assured us that it is true of many.

But there’s the great thing about it – we love the numbers! By allowing us to take this part of the business off your hands, you get to focus your attention on the creative passion that got you here in the first place. We then get to see your passion flourish (please refer back to point number one) and get a kick out of it ourselves.

It’s like an awesome anti-vicious cycle. We enjoy what we do. You enjoy what you do. The business sees benefit from it all. Everyone’s a winner!

Creative Industry Accountants Helping A Client

We Too Are Creative


We know what you are thinking… Accountants? Creative? Pull the other one pal!

But no, we are being deadly serious. The manner in which we work is more like that of an agency than a typical accountancy firm. In doing so, we have an extra level of empathy towards our creative clients.

We know that you want to work with accountants that show initiative and will give you accountability. We know that while you don’t want to stare at spreadsheets all day, you do want to play a central part in how the finances work. This is why we work as a business guide as much as we do a typical accountant.

Plus, might we add, working with numbers doesn’t automatically make you anti-creative. Think of musicians, renaissance painters, or video game producers. All heavily influenced by the numerical world but you wouldn’t for a second question the need for a creative brain to prove successful. Mic drop…

If you are looking for accountants that specialise in the creative industries, contact us here. We would love to hear from you.