The route to success in any creative industry is a road rife with immeasurable enthrallment and gut-wrenching setbacks. Realising that you want your idea to go beyond a paying hobby to become a fully-fledged business endeavour is a brave step. With this leap of faith comes a few extra hurdles.

When it comes to facing the hurdle of business finances, it is wise to seek the help of a specialist SME accounting agency. Acting as an extra limb for your exciting new creative business venture, they can be a surefire means of taking that next jump without falling flat on your face.

Why? Well, as the title suggests, that’s what we are here to discuss…

It Allows You To Focus On Your Business


First and foremost, having an SME accountant to help you operate the financial side of your creative business allows you to focus on the interesting stuff. We get it, some creative entrepreneurs find dealing with numbers a little dull. Luckily we accountants definitely don’t!

That’s what makes having someone that not only enjoys dealing with financial matters but has experience in creative industry accounting can prove an extremely fruitful partnership. Most creative individuals considering hiring an accountant are making that thrilling step from a hobby that provides a little income to becoming a full time SME. It is a moment in a small business’ development that is inevitably riddled with excitement and anxiety.

Our experience in SME accounting helps take away a large chunk of said anxiety. In turn, this  allows you to concentrate your energy on doing what you do best. This helps bring out the best in your creative work, whether it be preparing your latest art exhibition or developing a new range of handmade wears for your ecommerce site. Which in turn hopefully leads to more money. Money that you will be able to enjoy, because all elements of worry are being handled by an experienced accountant for the creative industry. Simple(ish).

No Need To Worry About Unexpected Fees


It’s an underlying fear that is faced by every growing business. What if I have missed something? What if I used the wrong tax code? What if I am welcomed by the bailiffs knocking on my door tomorrow morning? 

Well, the last one is a tad dramatic, but you get our point.

SME accounting is a technical process. That’s why people have to amass degrees, a copious number of tests and a whole host of experience just to qualify as an accountant. Therefore, you have every right to not be entirely sure about what is going on with your company finances. This is where seeking the help of someone with experience in creative industry accounting can help wash these worries away.

Young entrepreneur working from home

With an experienced professional handling how your finances are managed, there is no need for concern regarding unexpected fees. Making sure that your creative enterprise’s finances are in check is literally what creative industry accountants do best. So you can say goodbye to that niggling financial concern lingering in the back of your mind.

More than anything else, we are here to answer your questions. No matter how complex or basic, we pride ourselves on our honest and open communication. We’re here as a partner in your creative business to support you.

Help Provide Finance-Focused Business Decisions


Many people hear the word accountant and immediately think of us as a bunch of eager mathematicians. While we do admittedly do a lot of work with numbers, there’s far more to what we can offer your company…

By allowing us to see the financial ins and outs of your company, accountants can use the numbers to help you make business decisions. Like the Robin to your Batman, the Watson to your Sherlock, we can operate as your right hand man or woman to help guide you along your professional journey as a creative.

We can offer valuable tips like best practices for setting up your creative business or how to price your services. With 94% of accounting moving to the cloud, we can provide real-time updates through cloud-based accounting software. That means company updates and business strategy on the go. Backing up your creative business plan with solid numerical evidence as a guide is an absolute no-brainer if you ask us. And that numerical evidence is exactly what we are here to offer.

As experienced accountants for creatives, here at Raedan we are obsessed with helping businesses through helping with their finances. If you are interested in working with us so that you can focus on taking your business to the next step, get in touch here.