You know what they say – teamwork makes the dreamwork. In modern working conditions, this term applies to both the workforce and the apps that they are using. As we head towards what seems like an I, Robot-esque future where machines rule over all, it should come as no real surprise that business tech platforms also work in tandem. There is no better example of this – in our humble opinion – that accounting platform Xero.

However, with a seemingly endless array of apps at our disposal the issue lies in deciding which apps that integrate with Xero work best.

While there is no definitively correct answer to this question, our team of expert Xero accountants shared their tips on the best Xero integration apps available for growing your business in 2023.

And here is a copy of our business’ trifecta to prove that we know what we are talking about when it comes to getting the best out of Xero and its medley of handy app partners:

Best Payroll App For Xero Users – Paycircle

Paycircle is a collaborative, cloud-based payroll platform that makes paying your business’ employees an absolute cinch. User experience is one of the priorities for Paycircle, making sure that payments are both correct and timely. Their reliance on the cloud also brings an extra level of efficiency and superior security to the game for its users.

There is nothing wrong with Xero’s payroll when it comes to usage in smaller businesses. However, once you begin to grow, Paycircle is the way to go.

By connecting your Xero account to your Paycircle one, you are making company payroll management a helluva lot easier. We’re talking easy allocation of payments, journals directly posted onto Xero without the need to download and other elements of additional efficiency that cannot be missed.

Trophy with Paycircle Logo

Best Reporting App For Xero Users – Fathom

Xero Analytics is an undeniably helpful feature of the platform. In fact, the usefulness of this data is one of the reasons we believe that it is one of the best accounting softwares for creatives. However, if you are looking to get that next level of oomph from your analytical reports, we suggest Fathom.

Fathom brings not only a clearer depiction of your company performance to the table, but also offers additional benefits like forecasting and benchmarking to help you scope out what the data predicts for your business’ future. Neat, right?

The two apps work together to keep you up to date with profit, cash flow and KPIs based on your finances. We’re talking about a Holmes and Watson-level of analysis partnerships.

Trophy with Fathom Logo

Best Payment App(s) For Xero Users – GoCardless & Stripe

Yeah, we copped out of this one a little bit… But when the two are both so good – think along the same lines as the shared high-jump Olympic gold medal – it’s impossible to pick a clear winner. Both top performers; both worthy of the praise.

Both platforms make paying on the spot easy and take your mind off of invoice-chasing by automatically collecting payments from customers’ bank accounts. Payments and accounting adds working in perfect harmony – what more could you ask for? It’s an ecommerce company’s dream!

Trophies with GoCardless and Stripe Logos

Best Cash Management App For Xero Users – Float

When it comes to short term cash flow management, we see Float is king. Well, the Xero/Float combo, anyway. The apps operate together to bring users a real-time visual view of company cash flow and what it signifies for your business.

Using the data gathered by Xero, Float can help guide you towards a clearer understanding of your short term cash flow situation. In turn, this brings a greater impression of what the immediate future holds and how your business should act to make the most of it.

Trophy with Float Logo

Best Paperwork App For Xero Users – Dext

Paperwork? On the cloud? It may seem silly on the surface, but what we mean by this is a platform that allows you to manage all the important paperwork – receipts, invoices etc. – with ultimate ease.

Dext allows you to upload images or PDFs of these simple documents, review them and then publish them to Xero once you’re happy. That’s it. Dext’s machine learning capabilities tailor bookkeeping efforts to your business’ specific needs Then Xero brings automated publishing to help streamline the reconciling process. A match made in heaven.

Trophy with Dext Logo

Best Expense Management App For Xero Users – Pleo

The ultimate expense/receipt syncing partnership, Pleo and Xero work together to make the expense management process as simple as possible. This includes pre-categorisation of all Pleo purchases, real-time spending data to help you monitor things as closely as you would like to and ultimately the removal of human error through seamless syncing efforts.

With just a couple of clicks these two are synced and ready to display the ins and outs of your company spending in the most digestible of forms. A win-win situation all round.

Looking to make the most of your Xero integration apps? Here at Raedan, we live and breathe everything Xero (please refer back to the Trifecta above). If you would like to know how to make the most out of Xero and its medley of accompanying apps, contact us here.

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