When Raedan was set up, we had a distinct goal: Use technology, inspire
change and help make things easier for everyone we work with.

Ever since then, that’s been engrained in everything we do.

From the tech we use internally, to the tools we introduce to you
– we’re all about being flexible for you and helping drive your business forward.

So, let’s not stand on ceremony and dive into what’s to expect when working with us!


How we work should be important to you. We know you’re not looking for another stuffy accountant. You’re looking for someone who combines a love of technology with a human touch.



You want to use cloud tech and intelligent systems. We want you to love using them to make your business better.


You want to save time. We want to love not spending time on repetitive tasks, so you can focus on the things that matter.


You want someone to partner with who cares. We want you to show you the care for the level of work we produce.



You don’t want technical jargon. We want to be understood so that you understand and value things more.

About us

Of course you expect us to be doing your accounts, tax returns… the usual stuff! After all, we’re accountants. We take what we do very seriously, but we make sure that the way we work isn’t too serious.

But that being said, it’s important that we’re upfront about what you expect from us, your shiny new accountant. And that is that we’re here to help you. We’re here to stand by you, for you to lean on, to challenge your thinking, to help you make better decisions. After all, it’s in the name “Raedan”!

How we operate

Partnership with you
Your language, not ours
Tools and systems, better
Nothing stuffy & old school
Education, not just information


Working with us is a partnership after all, and that means we have expectations too.

As we work with you, we ask that you dive into as much as possible, with an
eager approach to making a difference in your business.

That’s why we’re here, anyway, and if you’re as enthusiastic as we are,
we can certainly go on to do amazing things together!

“I didn’t know an accountant could be like this!”

We’re glad you agree! How we work is important to us, and our love for our clients, for technology, and
for generally supporting those around us is what drives us to help.

If you like the sound of that too, then we can’t wait to get stuck in!