JetPacks ‘R’ Us


Sorry to disappoint, but this company doesn’t exist. We made it up to help explain to business owners how to accurately measure your Profit Margin.

JetPacks ‘R’ Us

End of Financial Year Tips You Need to Know for 2024

For many business owners, the end of the financial year can leave you wanting to tear your hair out. Missing receipts, inaccurate numbers and a pile of unpaid invoices are all why you’ll most likely need the help of a skilled accountant to get you through it.

How will the Spring Budget 2024 affect your creative business?

This year’s budget has just recently been announced, which means some financial changes that you as a business owner need to know about…

How To Do Bookkeeping: A Beginner’s Guide

Bookkeeping is a fundamental part of any business, no matter how big or small. It works by keeping your finances in check, ensuring they are in excellent working order and that you don’t get an unwanted knock on the door from HMRC…