Welcome aboard

The Pre-Flight Checklist

Before we get started, we’ll need a few things from you:

  • Please complete our onboarding checklist here
  • Provide payment details here
  • Give us access to your Xero account

Let’s get started!

So, you’ve decided that you want work with us… that’s great! We can’t wait to start working with you and helping you get back to the things you love.

So that we can really focus on you from the very beginning, we’ve put this page together to show you everything we need in order to get started, but also to show you what you can expect as we start working together.

How we operate

Helping you to love your business is at the core of how we work with you.
So, throughout the time we work together, you can expect:

Partnerships with you

We’re with you for life, not just for
year-end, so please get in touch
whenever you need us. We’re here for you to lean on.

Your language, not ours

When you understand something, you value it more. We use your language so that you can be better at what you’re already doing.

Tools and systems, better

Better systems. Better accounts. All so that you have the right tools in place to go about running your business properly.

Nothing stuffy & old school

We’re not number crunchers in suits.
We’re someone you can relax with, someone
who’ll bring some humour to the meetings.

Not perfect, but done

We’re human after all. Sometimes a
quick answer is better than a 2-page
essay, but it’s still valuable to you.

Ready to get dug in? Here’s what to expect

The first 6 months with us are crucial. You’ll hear from us regularly so that we can off to an amazing start.

Questions? That’s ok too!

We’re not on the clock. We’re not just delivering your accounts.
You’ll be heard at each stage of your journey, so drop us a line with anything you
want to ask us as we work together.