As a funnel for so much of our traffic we knew our homepage had to be more concise in explaining who we are. 

A little over a year ago we built a shiny new website and we were immensely proud of what we had pulled together. However, at the time we launched our new look, I stated that websites were one of those projects that never finish.

And so, just before Christmas we released the next evolution of our homepage and again we’re very grateful for the hard work of the Profitable Firm and in particular Tom Wardman. They did a brilliant job pulling together our thoughts on how we as a business had evolved and how that should be reflected on our website.

It was key for us that this page reflected who we are far more than what we do, after all, we know accountants do accounts…right? What we hope is unique is who we are and how we do what we do.

Raedan Trifecta

We also wanted to make sure we found a graphical way of showing how we combined the tech with the human side of business (who really reads websites these days!). On a slow train journey home I came up with what has now been named the Raedan Trifecta. This gives a simplified view of how we use technology to provide a greater experience to our clients.

For many this is called the App Stack.  For me, that focuses too much on the tech and not enough on you or us.  As we saw at Xerocon 2018, it’s all about being #humanatheart!

But we’re not done there.  We have plans to continue to evolve the site, revise and refresh every page one at a time. A bit like The Forth Bridge, I’m sure once we get through them all it will be time to return to the homepage!

I hope you like what we’ve done with the place and as always please do send us any feedback you have!  After all, we’ll be refreshing it again one day!