As expert accounts for the creative industry, we love getting to know our clients and finding out what drives them and their businesses forward. We get to understand our clients goals and help to fuel their business success through our financial wizardry, and wealth of xero accounting experience. 

But what about us here at Raedan? What drives us to be the go to accountants for creatives and who are the team behind all our mathematical know-how?

Well, let’s find out.

Back by popular demand is the second instalment of our team feature series.

This time in the Raedan hotseat we have the wonderful Louise, one of our superstar accountants. Louise knows accounting like the back of her hand and is here to help our creative clients reach their business goals through her top notch accounting knowledge.

From falling into accountancy earlier on in her career, Louise is now a firm fixture at Raedan and one that we are very lucky to have on our team. Not your typical number nerd, this accounting expert is a seasoned festival goer who loves working with all our creatively minded clients.

So without further ado let’s get down to business.

Can you give us a background on your experience, how you came to be here and a bit about your role?

I started in payroll, back in the day when you ‘fell’ into it. I was registering at an employment agency that happened to have a role there as a Payroll Administrator. They were happy to train me up and I haven’t looked back since. I came to work for Raedan as I had worked for Paycircle, the payroll software Raedan were using before our switch to Xero. I had missed the ‘buzz’ of the payroll bureau world and Paycircle very kindly introduced me to Jonathan at Raedan.

What do you love most about working for Raedan?

Definitely the Team. To work within a team where you do feel part of a family is a great plus. There are always smiles and laughter. Raedan are also very curious about upcoming tech or processes so we aren’t left behind. We have regular gatherings where we can discuss our challenges, areas we may need help or to share the wins in our personal or professional life.

What is your favourite thing about working with creative clients? 

Creative clients are great. I find they can look outside of the box and are happy to work in a different way than they may have been accustomed to.

For example, in my role I communicate with clients through the payroll software which has seen some recent changes in how its payroll reports can be accessed. This change has been embraced by our clients and works great for them as often their business hours are not 9 to 5 and they can now access their reports 24/7.

Some people have failed to shake the cliche that accountants are a group of boring old bean counters. Give us a fun fact about yourself to help prove them wrong.

I have been going to Glastonbury since 2008 or at least whenever I can get a ticket. Paddleboarding and wild water swimming I love to do in my spare time. 

That’s all of the questions we have for now.

Now you have got to know our team a little more and why we love working with creative clients. 

And if you ever need the low down on your next trip to Glasto, you know who can help. 

So Why Choose Raedan?

Here at Raedan we are more than just an accountancy firm. We work with businesses to help them achieve their creative dreams.

Our expertise spans a wide range of industries including media and arts, creative agencies, e-commerce, tech, and more. No matter your industry niche, we will be able to get your business accounts in tip-top condition and help you use numbers to your creative advantage.

If you have a creative business and want to get your finances in good working order then get in touch. We are experts in xero accounting and love helping our clients with the numbers to give them greater business success.