We all know that mental health is important and that running a business can impact on it.  At Raedan we’ve always strived to reduce the worries of those we work with and we know that a good way to do that is to get things done early!

By working together we can get tasks like tax returns done well in advance of any deadlines.


Why should I do my tax return early?

The deadline is 31 January 2021, why do you need to even think about it, it’s ages away!?

Even prior to COVID-19, we were looking into ways we could help get everyone’s tax returns completed earlier because we know it’s a good thing to do.  These are just some of the positives of getting it done early:

  • peace of mind; knowing that an important job is done and out of the way
  • time to prepare any money you need for tax payments
  • earlier receipt of refunds from HMRC, if you are due one
  • time to adjust your July payment on account if your income has dropped
  • understanding of your financial position, helping you to prepare

Now, we’re looking to add another one!


Supporting Mental Health in partnership with Mind

This year, as an additional incentive to get your tax done early, we’ll be making a charitable donation on your behalf.

For every return you help us complete before 30 June we’ll give £10 to the mental health charity Mind.  For any return then completed by 31 October we’ll give £5.  This will be on top of a general donation we’ll be giving as a firm, so if you’re one of those who genuinely can’t get your return done early, you’ll still be part of it.

So, for all of you that take part, we’d like to say a massive thank you!