If you have found yourself asking “What is Xero accounting?” it is safe to presume that you are either on the search for a new accounting software, looking to learn more on the subject of Xero as a platform or stuck in an inexplicable – and pretty leftfield – Google rabbit hole.

We are here to explain not only what Xero accounting is, but also why it could be the right accounting platform for your business.


What Is Xero Accounting?

To put it simply, Xero is an accounting software that helps you manage company finances in real time. Imagine all the info that you need, held in a cloud platform that organises everything for you in an incredibly neat fashion. Xero lets you upload expenses, file VAT returns and settle invoices with a couple of simple taps of your thumb.

And that’s just tickling the surface of what the platform is capable of…

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Why We Think Xero Is The Best Cloud Accounting Software

We could literally go on about why we think Xero is the best in the business. In fact, we have done so already in our Xero vs Quickbooks blog. However, here is just a small selection of why – for us – Xero is the best cloud accounting software going:

It is Literally Built to Make Accounting Easier

As a dedicated accounting agency, we are well aware of the common accountant myths and stereotypes. Yes, you may think elements of what we do – and by association we ourselves – seem boring, but we certainly don’t. However, we can appreciate that handling finances is not everyone’s cup of tea. Xero bridges the gap by making accounting more accessible and easier to digest.

Not only does it help your finance handlers make sure that everything is where it needs to be, but it also gives you – the business owner – a better understanding of your company as a whole.

It is a Nice Looking Platform

Now, we are not shallow enough to state that looks mean everything. However, when it comes to accounting, having a sleeker, smoother platform makes a helluva lot of difference. Now, we know that it may seem difficult to fathom an accounting platform being enjoyable to use, but it is.

Remember when you finally gave into the hype and got your first smartphone, only to wonder afterwards why the hell you didn’t make the move over sooner? Yeah, that’s the effect that Xero has, guys.

It Integrates Seamlessly With Your Other Apps

Not only does Xero operate fantastically as an accounting tool, but it is also a great team player. Whether it be analytics-focused platforms like Fathom or ecommerce apps like A2X, Xero have perfected the art of creating a seamless app experience. All apps work in tandem, with Xero pulling your financial strings from the centre like the inspirational captain.


Is Xero Good For A Small Business?

Is recycling good for the planet? Is Leonardo Di Caprio good at acting? In the eyes of Edwin Starr, is war good for absolutely nothing? Basically, what we are trying to get at is that the answer is most definitely a “yes”.

In fact, Xero is genuinely designed to help small businesses. And when a cloud accounting platform holds the best interests of small companies close to its heart, we think it’s fair to say that Xero is good for small businesses.

How? By catering to your needs through a series of startup and SME-focused functionalities. Xero makes sure that you stay on top of everything on the financial side of your entrepreneurial endeavour, from payrolls to projects to purchase orders.

In fact, when working in tandem with the right accounting team – hint hint – Xero could be the tool to take your creative business to the next step.

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Why Hiring An Accountant Helps You Get The Best Out Of Xero

One of the questions we are most commonly asked – “Do I need an accountant if I have Xero?”. And in all honesty, the answer is “no”. However, you could say the same about fixing the plumbing in your bathroom, or re-tiling your roof. You don’t need someone to help you with it. But it certainly won’t hurt your odds of the job being done properly.

Whether it be pipes or a roof, no one wants to be dealing with a persistent leak, do they? Essentially, by getting help from an accountant you will be ensuring that everything is done as it should be, when it should be. And no one wants to be worrying about unforeseen fines for a job half done.

Are you looking at getting help with your Xero account? Well, without being too forward, we’re sure our team of dedicated Xero accountants would be able to help with that. If you would like to further discuss the services we offer and how we could help your business grow, contact us here.